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Advantages of 80 percent lower kits

80 percent lower receivers is an incomplete receiver which just requires some amount of finishing in critical areas. In simple words, the equipment is almost a receiver and is not yet a firearm and is 80 percent complete hence the name 8o percent lower receiver. The critical features are to be completed include hammer or trigger pin holes, safety selector hole, and trigger pass through holes. The manufacturers can produce AR15 80 percent lower receivers as they are not considered as firearms by ATF as long as the fire control group pocket is not touched. The trigger and hammer pin holes should not be even marked during the manufacturing process otherwise, it would be considered as a firearm. Let us take a look at how 80 percent lower kits are beneficial.

Create an AR Style Gun
The Federal Law in United State states that a person cannot create an AR based gun from a rifle. The completed AR receivers are considered as long gun rifles and thus it is not legal to conjure a handgun from a rifle. But if you are using an 80 percent lower it is very easy for you to create an AR style handgun as the 80 percent lower receivers are not exactly treated as a firearm.

Freedom to design
Buying an AR15 80 percent lower receiver is like a blank canvas as there are no markings and any other logo or numbers engraved on them. This gives you the freedom to customize your own receiver as per your taste. You can engrave your own logo and also engrave the manufacturing information along with the serial numbers. 80 percent lower receiver projects are always better as they give you the freedom to design your own receiver. You even have the choice of color in the same and thus it can be totally personalized.

Cost Benefit
Going for an 80 percent lower has monetary benefits. Yes, it is true that you need to complete the receiver eventually. But as you get to customize your receiver it is always fun to do that. Another thing which you don’t need to go through when you purchase an 80 percent lower receiver is the lengthy and tedious procedure of obtaining various legal documents and getting permission from the government. Thus you also save the charges of going to the lawyer and getting the proper documents drafted.

Another important advantage of the 80 percent lower receiver is that it can be shipped directly to your house. This does not come under rifles or guns and thus it can be shipped and also parceled as per the convenience of the dealer as well as the customer. This saves a lot of effort, energy and of course money for both the parties as it is not allowed to ship objects that come under weapon. All you need to do in case of your 80 percent lower receiver is place your order and wait for your delivery. Once you receive it you can customize it as per your design and enjoy creating your own personal receiver.

Thus 80 percent lower receiver though being 80 percent complete is advantageous and is very convenient for business as one can easily purchase and sell the same.

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