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Go shopping for the best items for the dog on Topshihtzu

For the Shih Tzu lovers out there who would like to bring their doggies with them everywhere they’re going, TopShihtzu could be the just for them! With a wide variety of items to choose from, TopShihtzu makes the customer’s home a Shih Tzu heaven! Wouldn’t it’s interesting to have all the dull daily household objects being transformed into Shihtzu snacks? TopShihtzu also offers its clients the freedom of dressing up their Shih Tzu puppies in pretty costumes like jumpsuits, special puppy-made t shirts and much more! The merchandise range between decorative collars, leashes, hoodies, mugs and custom dog paintings to cellular covers, bedrooms, blankets, bags and keychains! The best thing about TopShihtzu is the fact that every one of the goods can be found in a fair rate and therefore are of the greatest quality! Products may be pre-ordered online and you will be sent to the customer’s doorstep in just a week’s time.

Dog Portraits:

Women’s Sneakers
TopShihtzu allows the customer to choose any of her favorite dog breeds such as Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Pug, Yorkie and Schnauzer and acquire them beautifully painted on her favorite pair of sneakers! Created from an extensive array of imported and highly durable fabric, the shoes give you the consumer with extraordinary comfort. Furthermore, the feet are constructed with high quality durable plastic which makes it slip-resistant. These custom dog painted shoes can also be waterproof and can be very easily applied through the monsoon.

To add to the benefits, the printer utilized in the picture design is totally water resistant and doesn’t mixture with the white bottoms and laces of the shoe. One of many many exciting characteristics is that along with the gorgeous pet paw prints and portraits, it also contributes a hanging gold charm of the user’s chosen type from each shoelace, which makes it unique for the person and her furry friend. The shoe also comes with a extra expansion which when connected using a freezer, transforms into a boot and when detached, can be utilized as ankle shoes. It’s currently available in all sizes starting from 6 to 10 and will come in four different shades which include dark, orange, scarlet and apple.

Cotton Handbag
The purse is just a blend of carefully crafted material and supreme quality durable cotton fitted using a dual purpose band which can be detachable and enables the consumer to hold the bag as a purse or as being a shoulder bag. The portrait of the customer’s variety of choice is professionally painted onto the handbag. Moreover, the interior of the carrier is spacious and it is presented with multiple pockets. Each wallet includes a decay-resistant metal zipper which keeps the user’s items safe and organized. An internal safety pocket is also one of its extra features.

This pocket has especially been made to hold cell phones, lip gloss, credit cards and other personal items. The outside of the case is covered with a silver lace and it is fitted using a removable clutch. The whole bag is composed of branded, sturdy leather which allows it a fairly fashionable look. It’s currently available in five different colors including brown, dark, green, apple and silver. The base of the carrier is fitted with metal footholds to provide adequate stability. The faux leather finishing adds to the beauty. It’s available in small, normal, moderate and large sizes. On the whole, this dog portraits cotton handbag is really a must-have and every dog lover’s dream come true!

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