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Cardio and Weightlifting – All You need to know

The main agenda of working out is different for different people. While some want to have a muscular body with six-packs, others simply want to lose weight and get back in good shape. Just like that, different exercising regimes need to be followed for different goals. We all are aware that cardio is a medium intensity workout while weightlifting is strength training as it requires a lot of energy which in turns helps you burn a large portion of calories. So should cardio and weightlifting be done in a particular order? Let’s find out- http://www.lifetuner.com/cardio-better-lifting-weights/

Intensity Levels of Cardio and Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a highly intensive activity and requires a lot of muscle power, strength and balance between arms and legs. Weightlifting helps shed more amount of body fat in less duration and this is what you want as it gives more in return in less time. Although, you will be left exhausted after such a high intensive activity.
On the other hand, cardio is a medium intensity activity. It evenly divides your calories burning ability over the entire session. So this means more cardio will let you burn more calories over the entire session.

Doing Cardio before weightlifting is better or after

It actually varies from one body type to another. A rigorous cardio workout before the weightlifting will race your heart beat as well as increase your body temperature which will help you in losing more body fat. This will increase your capacity to burn calories for the entire work out.
If building your physique and increasing strength is your first priority then doing weightlifting first is a good idea. This is also because; cardio mainly focuses on losing body weight and is a matter of endurance.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Doing Cardio first

Doing cardio first is a better idea if you want to lose more weight. However, it will tire you from the exhausting training session and you may have no energy left for doing resistance training. In fact, as weightlifting requires a lot of strength and doing cardio first can make your calves fatigue and impact your weightlifting performance.
While going for resistance training first is a better option as you have already lost more calories during this and cardio will only add to it, overall benefitting you. Also, aerobic system exercise is a better way of exercising for your body system. This is also what is recommended by fitness experts; do weightlifting first followed by cardio.
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Decide for yourself

There is no strict way of following a particular order. It particularly depends from person to person depending on their energy levels, stamina, and muscular endurance. Following a regime also depends on what activity one prefers over another. Doing what you like gives better results than following a strict exercising order. While Fitness experts say that striking a balance between the two will give better results and following that do makes a difference, personalizing your workout sessions according to your taste will bore you better results.

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