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Things You Didn’t Know About Vasectomy Reversal

Many couples prefer a surgical method of contraception instead of medication and condoms, vasectomy and tubectomy are good options. Tubectomy is a common option where women get their fallopian tubes tied so that eggs would not reach the uterus for implantation, while in vasectomy, the male vas deferens are tied to prevent sperms from entering the urethra. But there might be times when men would want to reverse their vasectomy because of change in marital status and change in mind, in general. Vasectomy reversal is not uncommon but there are things that need to be known about it regarding it. Some of the information that might not be commonly known are described here.

Do They Really Work?

While many will say that vasectomy reversal works, there may be some risks when it comes to it. The vas deferens that was cut and tied during the vasectomy procedure has to be rerouted so that sperms can exit the body. In some cases, the surgeon might not be able to reconnect the vas deferens properly. It is also believed that if a man has vasectomy reversal after 15 years of having a vasectomy, the chances of the reversal surgery reduces to about 70 percent.

Types of Vasectomy Reversal

Depending on how the vas deferens look like, there are two ways to perform vasectomy reversal. Vasovasostomy is performed when sperms are present on the vas deferens. If this happens, the doctor reconnects the two ends of the vas deferens using tiny sutures. This procedure will last about 1 hour. Vasoepididymostomy is more complicated and is performed when the vas deferens is dry, there probably is a blockage in the epididymis. In this case, the upper portion of the vas deferens is connected directly to the lower portion of the epididymis. This surgery can last from 2.5 hours to 4 hours.

Post-Surgery Plan

The pain level of a vasectomy reversal is similar to the pain level of vasectomy. Although complication levels are low, it is still necessary to take some precautions. It is good to wait for at least two weeks to have intercourse again. It might take some time for the sperms to work again. Though it is different for both types of the procedure.

Cost of Vasectomy Reversal

The cost of vasectomy reversal depends on the physician, the place where you live and the type of reversal surgery to be performed. It is also possible that insurance companies will not cover the cost of the surgery which can cost from $3000 to $5000. The reverse vasectomy price gold coast varies with other areas. Within this area itself, the vasectomy reversal cost southport gold coast also varies with physicians.


As mentioned, vasectomy reversal is a common procedure and it is an out-patient surgery. It is important to know the risks it comes with and. The price, success rates of the doctor, and the amount of time required for the recovery should also be considered. However, the vasectomy reversal surgery cannot be confirmed to be successful unless the couple conceives without any complications.

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