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Things You Didn’t Know About Gun Scopes


Why gun scopes are important

Well, the answer is simple. Learning shooting can become a complex task. Holding the heavy gun, aiming and concentrating all at the same time can be tough. Scopes makes the task easier, especially for amateurs. They make targeting the aim quite easier as their lenses are powerful and magnified to many degrees and can be very helpful for learning shooting easily. So what are the things that you must know before buying gun scopes and what features should be there in best gun scopes. Let’s have a look.

Choosing the right scope

Not any kind of scope will go with your gun. Different scopes serve a different purpose and are used for one specialized purpose. For example- hunting scopes may not require high power but it should have a long range. So you need to be thorough about for what purpose you need your gun scopes for.

Magnifying Power

Scopes have numbers mentioned on it like- 3X and 9X. These are not just the numbers but actually, define the magnifying power of the scope. 3X means that the targeted object will appear three times closer than it actually is. So, as the number goes high, the magnifying capacity also increases. But you should keep in mind that as the magnifying power increases, the amount of light the scope can take in decreases.


2X scopes are best suited for handguns. Also, one thing that one should keep in mind is that higher magnified scope needs great skills to handle the gun or rifle.

Adjusting the Parallax

Parallax is a very complex specification and needs a better understanding. Parallax is available on high power scopes which have power more than 10. It can be adjusted from the dial placed on the scope at equidistant places. Adjusting parallax on scopes will help you focus on the target accurately as the target will be parallax free.

Getting the correct object lens and right size tube

If the right kind of objective lens is not there, it won’t be able to transmit proper amount of light. 40-44mm is fine for long range scopes. Going beyond this size is not recommended by experts.
Even the size of the tube matters. 30mm is the right size for the tube. If size is increased or decreased, then there will be problems in adjusting the elevation of the rifles.

Field of View

Now using a high magnified scope may help you in targeting your aim easily, at the same time it will restrict the field of view. This is certainly the most important thing to keep in mind.

Tactical scopes

The tactical scopes are the ones which are there on the semi-automatic rifles and have a magnifying power of 40. However, after a lot of speculation, it has been realized that these kinds of scopes doesn’t have such a long range and are super-expensive. They also obstruct the field of view. So, they are not highly recommended.

It is being argued that investing in a good scope is a better choice than choosing the gun. So, now that you are aware of the basics of the scopes, choose your scope wisely.

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