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Types of Sapphire Rings you didn’t know


For most people Sapphires are just the average gemstone that is in a shimmering blue colour. Not many know that sapphires are the second hardest gemstone after the diamond. They are known for their striking blue shades, but they come in all the colours of the rainbow, sometimes even colourless and black. There are some forms that even change colour when kept under sunlight or artificial light. Sapphire jewellery is worn in the form of earrings, pendants, and rings.

Clarity and grading

If you go for the clarity then the blue range of sapphires are known to offer the best clarity. Some of the inclusions in clarity are the silk inclusion which looks like white needles across the surface. These inclusions can either reduce or increase the value of the sapphire considerably. If a sapphire has no inclusions then it is most definitely a fake. The highest grading for a sapphire is eye clean which means that the inclusions are present but not visible unless looked closely. The gradation system depends on how rare the stone is. They are Natural AAA, natural AA and Natural A which is most commonly found.

Sapphire earrings

They are one of the finest symbols of nobleness often worn as the birthstone. These earrings come in the form of studs, hoops, ordinary drop or with 14k gold. Choosing the best sapphire earrings can always be a challenge, which is why you must only go for Ceylon and Kancha sapphires as they are the purest and truest in the market. The other valuable form is the Kashmir sapphire that has a silky look and very few inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye.

Types of sapphire earrings

Blue sapphire earrings – One of the most valuable of the sapphires, mostly bought in the form of stud earrings coupled with yellow gold. They should look clear, saturated and translucent with slight inclusions when examined closely.

White sapphire earrings – This is often bought as opposed to diamonds as they are as durable as diamonds but much more economical. They are worn in all forms be it hoops, drops, or studs.

Dark Blue sapphire earrings – These sapphires known for their clarity often come with silk and feather inclusions, often coupled with 14 k gold. They come in mostly eye clean gradation and going for Kancha and Ceylon would be a good choice.

Padparadscha sapphire earrings – These come in an intensely saturated form in deep pink, light pink or orange-pink colours. This colour has been catching up among the people in recent times. They often are colour changing under incandescent light.


Before purchasing sapphire earrings, always keep in mind that the quality, gradation, and clarity are very important factors. Never just go for the lustre or sheen as it may be synthetically made. If you prefer fewer inclusions then go for eye clean gradations. The most precious and expensive sapphires are a rich medium blue colour. The lesser the quality, the denser it will look in the centre. Before choosing the earrings, mention the quality you need, whether Natural AAA or Natural AA.

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